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When contacting us regarding parts either over the phone or E-Mail, we need to know various pieces of information to determine exactly which car you have and which parts will fit it.

A majority of the time we will only need to know the Year, Make & Model
All of this information can be found on your registration sticker

Registration Sticker

Sometimes there will be various types of the same car and we may need to know more information, other information that can be helpful to have handy are the following:

Chassis numbers
This can be found under the bonnet of your car against the back wall behind the engine on a small metal plate


Light Number Details
On your headlights and taillights there is a part number embossed on the edges

EG: 20-282 ~or~ 043-1489 (format will vary)


If you are having trouble finding these details and require help please contact us using any of the ways on the contact page and one of our staff will happily help.


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